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Parkes Special Activation Precinct

Parkes is the first Special Activation Precinct (the Precinct).

The Parkes precinct takes advantage of business development opportunities and employment growth offered by the east-west rail line and the Inland Rail project. The area is focused around the Inland Rail and the National Logistics Hub.

The Parkes Special Activation Precinct Master Plan came into effect on 12 June 2020. An updated master plan including a boundary adjustment came into effect on 1 March 2022.


We conducted technical studies to assess the environment impact of the plan on areas such as heritage, sustainability and infrastructure. We also asked the community for their feedback on the proposed plan for the area.

The results of the technical studies and community feedback helped inform the development of the Parkes precinct draft Master Plan.

Boundary adjustment

In late 2021 a change was proposed to the boundary of the Parkes precinct to increase the size of the precinct by approximately 21 hectares, allowing for better alignment with the Parkes bypass. The updated boundary was approved in March 2022 with the area part of the Commercial Gateway sub-precinct, contributing to more local job and business opportunities.

Visit the planning portal to view the Parkes precinct master plan and associated documents.

In March 2022, changes were made to the Precincts-Regional SEPP that impact the Parkes precinct master plan.

Next steps

The Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation is responsible for the delivery of the Parkes precinct in line with the Precincts-Regional SEPP and the Parkes master plan.

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