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Special Activation Precincts explained

Special Activation Precincts (SAPs) are unique to regional NSW and bring together planning and investment to focus on growing jobs and economic activity in an area.

SAPs will support industries in line with the competitive advantages and economic strengths of each area.

A location may be identified as a SAP because:

  • the area aligns with the NSW Government's 20 Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW 
  • the area has growth opportunities for new and existing industries
  • there is projected population and jobs growth for the area, or
  • the area aligns with key infrastructure projects that are either coming or are underway, such as the Inland Rail.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment is responsible for preparing the planning framework for each SAP.

The approach is to undertake upfront planning and environmental assessment to allow for most employment uses to be undertaken as complying or exempt development, and reduce the cost and time associated with obtaining development consent for suitable businesses.

This outlines the SAP process.

The Special Activation Precincts process

Government led studies The Department of Planning and Environment conducts technical studies to inform the development of the master plan and to ensure land uses and development occurs in the right locations for each precinct. This up-front planning takes the burden away from investors wanting to grow or start up a business in the precincts. 
Fast track planning Once the master plan and other supporting planning instruments are endorsed, this will provide investors with streamlined planning and environmental approvals. This may include providing for land uses that suit complying development or approval exemptions. 
Government led development The Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation will lead and coordinate the delivery, through Delivery Plans according to the master plan for each precinct, that supports orderly development, sensitive to market drivers, landowners and infrastructure delivery.
Infrastructure Development Government will invest in new or upgrade roads, water, power, digital connectivity and social infrastructure for each precinct, removing barriers for investors to establish and grow. 
Business Concierge The Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation offers targeted business with concierge services to attract investment and support businesses to establish and grow in each precinct.

Page last updated: 01/09/2022