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Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct

A Special Activation Precinct is a dedicated area in a regional location identified by the NSW Government to become a thriving business hub, by bringing together planning and investment to focus on growing jobs and economic activity. The Snowy Mountains is one of six identified precincts.

The Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct Master Plan, which outlines a 40-year strategic plan for the precinct, was finalised on 1 July 2022.

The NSW Government announced $391.3 million to support the delivery of the precinct that will enable the region to become a year-round tourism destination and the alpine capital of Australia.



We conducted technical studies that covered subjects including environment, social infrastructure, sustainability and public space and consulted with the community. The results of the technical studies formed an evidence base for the Master Plan.

We exhibited the draft Master Plan and technical studies during June-August 2021, along with a Discussion Paper that detailed the Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) of an amendment to relevant Environmental Planning Instruments (EPIs), including the State Environmental Planning Policy Precincts—Regional 2021 (Precincts—Regional SEPP). The Master Plan, exhibition documents, submissions received, and the Submissions Report are available on the Planning Portal.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions (PDF, 153 KB) for more information.

Next steps

The Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct is now in the delivery phase, having finalised the Master Plan and amendments to the relevant EPIs. This will include the department preparing and consulting on a Jindabyne Catalyst Precinct Delivery Plan, Jindabyne Growth Precinct Development Control Plan and Alpine Development Control Plan to provide design guidance for development in the precinct.

The Jindabyne Catalyst Precinct comprises five strategic sub-precincts that contain opportunities to promote and facilitate the vision of the broader precinct. The Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation will be partnering with the department to prepare and exhibit the Jindabyne Catalyst Precinct Delivery Plan, which includes:

  • commencing the construction program, including preparing detailed designs
  • consultation with stakeholders
  • a tender process to design and construct supporting infrastructure
  • commencing construction.

The Jindabyne Growth Precinct comprises seven sub-precincts that will support the visitor and population growth projected over the 40 years of the Master Plan. Snowy Monaro Regional Council will be partnering with the department to prepare and exhibit the Jindabyne Growth Precinct Development Control Plan.

The Alpine Precinct comprises 12 sub-precincts containing existing lease and licence areas focused on tourism attractions and accommodation. National Parks and Wildlife Service will support the department to prepare and consult on the Alpine Precinct Development Control Plan.

Community Advisory Group Expressions of Interest

A Community Advisory Group (CAG) was established in 2018 during master planning for ‘Go Jindabyne’, which was then expanded when the Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct was created.  The main aim of the CAG was to provide regular updates to the community, seek their feedback and use member connections to tap into the broader Snowy Mountains community.

The CAG was also supplemented by community events, such as drop-in sessions, community pop ups and stakeholder meetings.

A new Community Advisory Group

We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) for CAG members during the Master Plan’s delivery phase. The CAG would comprise a variety of local organisations and community representatives to present the various local interests that will be considered throughout the delivery planning process.

There will be two groups, with individuals able to nominate which CAG best represents their organisation or community group:

  • Jindabyne – covering both the Growth and Catalyst precincts.
  • Alpine – covering issues relating to the Alpine region only.

Assessment criteria:

  • explains what organisation or community you represent and demonstrate how you would communicate issues and opportunities of your network/s, and how you would garner their feedback to feed into the CAG
  • explains what most interests your organisation or community about the Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct
  • is available to represent your organisation or community approximately every 10 to 12 weeks for in-person meetings of up to two hours
  • is available for meetings in Jindabyne that will occur from 5pm onwards.

To submit your nomination, complete the application form by 14 October 2022. The team will contact nominees three weeks after the closing date. Depending on interest, a maximum of two nominations per organisation or community group will be considered.

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