Go Jindabyne Masterplan, 2036 vision to revitalise Jindabyne
NSW Department of Planning and Environment

In 2019 we were consulting with the Jindabyne community to develop the Go Jindabyne Master Plan.


Go Jindabyne aimed to revitalise the Jindabyne area into Australia’s leading alpine destination.


Feedback from locals and findings from technical studies of the area highlighted a need to extend Go Jindabyne to look at the wider Snowy Mountains region.


As a result, we announced the Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct (Snowy Mountains SAP) in November 2019 which will extend the master plan into areas of high tourism interest in Kosciuszko National Park.


Read about the Snowy Mountains SAP

Go Jindabyne community statement

Between November 2018 and February 2019, we engaged the Jindabyne community and surrounding towns to understand the unique values, character and story of Jindabyne.


The sentiments and insights shared by the community are captured in the Community Statement [PDF, 9.14MB]. The Community Statement will help shape the development of the Snowy Mountains Master Plan.

Go Jindabyne vision

In May 2019 we were in Jindabyne to hear the community's vision for the future of the town.


We listened to the community and released their vision in the community-owned vision and principles [PDF, 1.08MB].


The vision shared will help progress the Snowy Mountains Master Plan.

Technical studies for Go Jindabyne

We undertook technical studies in 2019 to create an evidence base to inform the Go Jindabyne Master Plan.


These technical studies were conducted under the original scope of Go Jindabyne and may change as we research a wider area in the Snowy Mountains.


We will use the findings from these studies to help inform the Snowy Mountains Master Plan.


The Go Jindabyne studies focused on:

Technical studies relating to the Snowy Mountains SAP will be released in early 2021, when the Snowy Mountains Master Plan is publicly exhibited.


As part of our community engagement from Go Jindabyne, we also interviewed prominent locals on their hopes and aspirations.

What happens next?

We will use the findings from Go Jindabyne when planning for the Snowy Mountains SAP.


Jindabyne’s revitalisation will continue to be a focus in the Snowy Mountains SAP.

Page last updated: 25/06/2020