NSW Department of Planning and Environment

5 steps to investigate potential State Significant Precincts

Investigating potential State Significant Precincts

Known as the State Significant Precinct process, the five steps listed below are undertaking when investigating potential precincts.

  1. Determination of State or regional planning significance
  2. Study preparation
  3. Exhibition and consultation
  4. Department’s assessment
  5. Minister’s determination

The State Significant Precinct guideline (PDF, 1.4 MB) provides more information about the process.

Potential State Significant Precincts would:

  • typically be large sites owned by the NSW Government
  • achieve government policy objectives, particularly around increasing delivery of housing and jobs
  • relate to environmental or natural resource conservation, and/or
  • be of heritage or historical significance.

If the Minister’s determination at Step 5 results in a State Significant Precinct declaration, any amendments to land use, such as zoning and planning controls, would be enacted across the entire precinct.

Individual development applications for individual sites within the precinct would not be require further planning assessment. All sites within the precinct would be subject to the requirements of the State Significant Precinct.

Page last updated: 24/11/2022