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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Waterloo Estate has been identified as one of the locations under the NSW Government’s $22 billion Communities Plus program to deliver new social and affordable housing alongside private housing. The redevelopment of the estate is expected to occur over the next 15-20 years.


The Waterloo precinct was being investigated for rezoning through the State Significant Precinct process. As part of the rezoning investigation of Waterloo Estate, the Department had previously issued study requirements to Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC). You can view the study requirements here (PDF, 547KB).


You can view a map of the Waterloo Estate area.

Waterloo Estate South

Waterloo South covers about 65 percent of the Estate and is the first stage of the rezoning.


Renewal for the Waterloo Estate is strategically important for new jobs, homes, and public space close to the economic powerhouse of the Sydney CBD.

Planning process for Waterloo Estate South has changed

From 16 March, The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is the Planning Proposal Authority for the Waterloo South Planning Proposal. This means the Department is now responsible for the parts of planning proposal process for Waterloo Estate South that a Council would typically undertake. 


The Department is seeking advice from a panel of independent experts before confirming the final details of the planning proposal to go on exhibition. The advisors are experts in economics, development feasibility, strategic planning and urban design.


We will continue to work closely with the City of Sydney (COS) and Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC).

What happens next?

1. We will lead in planning for Waterloo Estate by confirming the details of the Planning Proposal with advice from independent experts. The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) will provide expert advice to help the Department inform the Proposal and make any necessary amendments before public exhibition occurs. The IAG will meet with both LAHC and CoS and review information from both parties before it provides its advice. 

2. The Minister will then consider the advice of the Department and IAG and issue a Gateway Determination within 10 weeks. The Minister’s Gateway might contain conditions requiring changes or more supporting information to be provided before the planning proposal moves to the exhibition phase.

3. We will consult with you. Waterloo Estate South will go out on exhibition so you can have your say about the plans – parks and new housing suggested for the area.  

4. We will consider your feedback before we assess and finalise the proposal to rezone the southern portion of the housing estate. 

5. Once the assessment is determined and the rezoning is finalised, development applications can be lodged ahead of any works to start developing the site commence.

What is a Gateway determination?

The decision to allow a planning proposal to proceed to community consultation is known as a gateway determination. For more information on the process and its steps visit 

What about the rest of the Waterloo Estate? 

Waterloo Central and North will be subject to separate planning proposals in the future. 


The City of Sydney will remain the planning authority for these future proposals.


The Department remains responsible for finalising the new planning controls for the Waterloo South Planning Proposal.

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Page last updated: 19/03/2021