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Western Sydney is growing at a rapid rate. In 2016, Western Sydney was home to 1.2 million residents and that number is projected to grow to over 1.8 million residents by 2036. The new international Western Sydney Airport is also scheduled to open in 2026.
The NSW Government’s vision for Western Sydney is to deliver the infrastructure, housing and jobs needed for future population growth and to create vibrant, liveable, connected cities with green spaces and protected biodiversity.
The Department is undertaking strategic conservation planning in Western Sydney to balance the priorities of people and biodiversity at a landscape scale.
This is one of the largest conservation planning exercises ever undertaken in Australia, and will provide an enduring conservation legacy for Western Sydney...


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Watch the Planning Connects webinar on the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan.


Where will strategic conservation planning take place in Western Sydney?

The conservation plan area covers around 200,000 hectares. The area is part of the Cumberland Plain and contains:


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Map of Cumberland Plan Conservation Plan area

The map above shows the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan study area, representing around 200,000 hectares of Western Sydney. This includes outlines of Local Government Areas, Transport Corridors, Growth Areas and Parks and Green Space.


Why do strategic conservation planning in Western Sydney?

A thriving, liveable Western Sydney should include a place for the area’s many native plants and animals. The Cumberland Plain is home to around 160 threatened species, including the largest koala population in Sydney, the Cumberland Plain land snail and significant plants like the nodding geebung and spiked riceflower. Strategic conservation planning in Western Sydney will help protect the area’s important biodiversity for the long term.


What is the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan?

The Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan is the conservation plan being developed for Western Sydney. The Plan will identify how any impacts to biodiversity from projected growth in Western Sydney will be addressed. In doing so, it will help strike the balance between delivering positive environmental outcomes and supporting appropriate development over the next 37 years.


NSW and Commonwealth Government legislation

The Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan will meet legislative requirements for strategic biodiversity certification under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and strategic assessment under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). 


Have your say

The Department is committed to engaging regularly so you can stay informed and play a role in shaping the development of the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan for Western Sydney.

An important first step to developing the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan is initiating a strategic assessment under the Commonwealth EPBC Act. 

DPE consulted on the draft Terms of Reference for the strategic assessment between 28 November 2018 and 25 January 2019. We are currently reviewing submissions received and will publish the Terms of Reference once finalised. 

View the draft Terms of Reference.

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Page last updated: 06/06/2019