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National Construction Code

What is the National Construction Code?

The National Construction Code (NCC) is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design, construction and performance of buildings and plumbing and drainage systems throughout Australia. It is published and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board, on behalf of and in collaboration with the Australian Government and each State and Territory Government.

The NCC is made up of the:

  • Building Code of Australia (BCA), being Volumes One and Two (given effect through the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)
  • Plumbing Code of Australia, being Volume Three (given effect through the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2011).

Copies of the NCC can be downloaded for free from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) website.

The current edition of the Code is NCC 2019. It came in effect on 1 May 2019.

Applications for a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate that are lodged with the certifying authority on or after 1 May 2019 must be assessed against NCC 2019.

Which edition of the BCA applies to staged building work?

Building work that is carried out in stages will require a construction certificate for each stage. The date of each application will determine which edition of the BCA that applies to the assessment of that application.

View the Guidance material for certifiers – which edition of the BCA applies? (PDF, 211 KB).

Transition period for energy efficiency provisions

A 12-month transition period has been implemented for the changes to the energy efficiency provisions in NCC 2019, being Section J of Volume One and Part 2.6 and 3.12 of Volume Two. Until 30 April 2020, either the new NCC 2019 provisions or the provisions of NCC 2016 can be used.

Note: These provisions are not interchangeable and whichever version of the provisions are applied must be used in full.

Fire Safety Verification Method does not commence until 1 May 2020.

NCC 2019 includes a new Fire Safety Verification Method (VM). This new VM, which is contained in Schedule 7 of the Code, does not apply until 1 May 2020.

How to comply with NCC

The NCC is a performance-based code that sets the minimum requirements in relation structure, fire safety, access and egress, accessibility, health and amenity, and sustainability.

All new buildings, new building work, and new plumbing and drainage systems must comply with the NCC.

Compliance with the NCC is achieved by meeting the relevant Performance Requirements.

This can be done by:

View how to comply with the Code.

Proposing a change to the NCC

The NCC is amended every three years and technical proposals to change the NCC are considered during this cycle.

Find more information on the NCC Proposal for Change process at the ABCB website.

More information

More information about the NCC can be found on the Australian Building Codes Board website.

Page last updated: 07/02/2023