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 Learn about all the fun dark sky initiatives we have for kids

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What's light pollution?

Light pollution is the brightening of the night sky from artificial light, such as lights from our homes and schools.


Too much artificial light affects astronomer's ability to see and research the night sky, plus it can affect the environment and nocturnal animals.


Reducing light:

  • saves energy
  • minimises the impact on the environment
  • helps astronomers see the sky


Watch our fun video below [2:38] to learn more about light pollution and how you can help protect the dark sky.

Video transcript: 'Help protect NSW's dark sky'.

What can you do?

We all have a role to play in protecting the dark night sky.

Here's what you can do:

  • watch our fun video
  • take our dark sky quiz
  • ask your parents and teachers to read our guideline
  • ask your parents and teachers to sign up for future dark sky initiatives
  • visit an observatory! and tell your friends all about it by sharing this postcard with them

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Page last updated: 07/05/2019