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Georges River Catchment

Review of Greater Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No. 2 – Georges River Catchment

As part of the department’s SEPP Review Program, the state planning instrument governing the Georges River Catchment is being reviewed and consolidated with other planning instruments that deal with environmental matters. Please refer to the SEPP (Environment) page more details.

An Explanation of Intended Effect has been prepared which explains the proposals.

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Overview of the catchment

The catchment of the Georges River drains a landmass of nearly 1000 square kilometres, including parts of 14 local government areas, and covers a significant portion of the Greater Metropolitan Region. The waters of the Georges River catchment, having come together from such widespread sources as Wollongong and Wollondilly in the south and Blacktown in the north, tumble ultimately eastwards into Botany Bay. These waters are the lifeblood of a diverse natural environment - a catchment that is home for more than one million people and that plays host to the recreational and economic interests of many, many more...

Strategic regional planning

Planning for the Georges River catchment includes a range of government initiatives to:

  • embrace the diversity of the catchment - its natural diversity, social diversity and economic diversity
  • identify, protect and provide for the improvement of significant natural and cultural heritage values
  • improve natural resource management
  • promote interest in catchment resources - improving management of and access to areas of natural and cultural significance
  • forge stronger communities - bringing community and government together through more effective partnerships and catchment improvement projects

Actions to date

  • Shaping the Georges River Catchment (1999) - a strategic action plan and regional environmental plan and maps [5.0MB]. These provide a strategic planning framework for environmental management associated with all new development in the catchment. The action plan was superseded by the Southern Sydney Catchment Blueprint in 2002.
  • Southern Sydney Catchment Blueprint (2002) - sets out an action plan to improve the catchments of southern Sydney, including the Georges River catchment. The Blueprint will be incorporated into the Catchment Action Plan, being developed by the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority.

Page last updated: 01/03/2023