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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Development of major infrastructure projects, such as major road and rail projects, requires consent under the Act including a requirement to obtain the advice or concurrence of agencies, such as Transport for NSW or Roads and Maritime Services.


However, this approach does not apply to development undertaken by public authorities that is assessed under Part 5 of the Act. These activities do not require development consent but must still be subject to an environmental assessment.


To ensure proposed activities will not affect future plans for an infrastructure corridor, there is a new requirement for concurrence or notification of public authorities to activities under Part 5 within future infrastructure corridors.



The changes to concurrence or notification of public authorities under Part 5 will commence from 1 March 2018, but will be given effect through other planning instruments, such as the Infrastructure State Environment Planning Policy as and when required.


To read more about the changes to the Act see Part 6 - Building and subdivision.

Page last updated: 22/02/2019