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Housing 2041: NSW Housing Strategy

We want all people to have access to a place to call home.

Housing 2041 is a whole of government approach with a 20-year vision for the people of NSW.

Housing 2041 sets a long-term strategy for better housing outcomes across NSW – housing in the right locations, housing that suits diverse needs and housing that feels like home.

The strategy is centred around the four inter-related pillars of housing supply, affordability, diversity and resilience.

Housing 2041 approaches housing solutions holistically, looking at population patterns, economic, social, and environmental effects, and other trends that affect the way we live. The strategy also acknowledges that people can move back and forth along the housing spectrum depending on life events, aspirations, and capacity.

Collaboration is at the centre of the strategy and its objectives and will be key to its successful delivery over the next 20 years.

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Housing solutions for all people in NSW

The strategy will benefit people across the housing spectrum, from those temporarily without a home to those seeking housing that better suits their needs. It will help deliver the right type of housing in the right locations, so we can provide more choice and meet the needs of people across regional and metro NSW.

Housing Spectrum

This Housing Spectrum image shows the different type of housing needs people have across their lives, which is dependent on their situation, life events and aspirations.

This Housing Spectrum image shows the different type of housing needs people have across their lives, which is dependent on their situation, life events and aspirations:

  • Crisis housing
  • Social housing
  • Affordable rental housing
  • Private rental
  • Specialist housing
  • Supported home ownership
  • Home ownership

How we’re implementing Housing 2041

Collaboration is at the centre of Housing 2041 and will be key to the delivery of the strategy over the next 20 years.

We are implementing multi-year action plans to deliver secure, diverse, affordable, and resilient housing, starting with the 2021-22 action plan. The initiatives in the action plans are delivered collaboratively by our department and other government agencies.

Actions to achieve the 20-year vision will continue to be updated. To address recent housing pressures, in June 2022, the NSW government announced the $2.8 billion Housing 2022 package to boost the supply and delivery of homes across the state.

A new Housing 2041 action plan is being developed to set housing outcomes for the next 5 years.

Supporting initiatives

The strategy and action plan are currently supported by the following initiatives:

Housing State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP)

The Housing State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) will drive the development of more affordable and diverse housing to meet the needs of our growing communities.

Housing Evidence Centre

Open access to housing data across the state, via the Housing Evidence Centre, which provides the information needed to make evidence-based decisions. The Housing Evidence Centre supports housing programs, investment, and service delivery across all levels of Government, industry, and non-government organisations. More economics, population and land-use analytics are available on the Research and Demography webpage.

Greater Sydney Urban Development Program

The Greater Sydney Urban Development Program (UDP) is the NSW Government’s program for monitoring housing and employment land supply and assisting infrastructure coordination in Greater Sydney.

Government Property Index

A free and open Government Property Index, which allows the general public and industry to view and search basic information, as well as submit innovative proposals for Government owned land.

Expert Housing Advisory Panel

A cross-sector Expert Housing Advisory Panel to guide delivery of the strategy and increase collaboration across Government and the housing sector.

The Place You Live survey

During 2021, the Department commissioned The Place You Live survey (PDF, 2.9 MB). The survey provides insights into a diverse cross-section of NSW citizens, focusing on their values relating to where they live, particularly their homes and their local neighbourhood amenities. The results from this survey will help inform the Housing Strategy’s action plans to provide better housing outcomes that meet the diverse and changing needs of the people of NSW.


More information

View the frequently asked questions (PDF, 90 KB) on the Housing 2041 strategy.

Please email the Housing Strategy team at NSWHousingStrategy@dpie.nsw.gov.au, if you need assistance due to accessibility barriers.