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Our vision

Our 20-year vision

NSW will have housing that supports security, comfort, independence and choice for all people at all stages of their lives.

Housing needs change over the course of our lives, reflecting our different aspirations and lifestyles, as well the economic, environmental and social conditions of the day. All of these factors play a part in influencing our housing choices and the decisions we make and, in turn, the way we plan for and shape the character of our communities.

What was expected of housing in Australia 50 years ago is significantly different from the needs, preferences and community expectations of housing today. People can find the right type of housing through both renting and owning a home. As future generations continue to enter the housing market, there will continue to be demand for new and alternative types of housing.

People are at the heart of our vision. Access to safe and secure housing is a basic human right. We know that good housing benefits everyone—from individuals to households, communities and the economy.

When we live in a home we can afford and feel comfortable in, where we can easily access school or work, we feel safer and part of the community that surrounds us.

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People and communities have: Homes in NSW are:
  • access to housing security, diversity and support, irrespective of whether they live in metropolitan or regional areas
  • accessible and suitable for different stages of life or changing circumstance
  • choices that enable them to afford a home without compromising on basic needs
  • connected to local facilities, jobs and social networks, with infrastructure, services and spaces that people need to live sustainably
  • support and opportunity in differing circumstances, including people in crisis, social housing residents, private rental tenants and those who aspire to home ownership
  • designed to support human wellbeing and respond to the environment, maximise technology and support local character and place

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If you need assistance due to accessibility barriers, please email the Housing Strategy team.

NSW housing system pillars

The vision is reflected in the four pillars of supply, diversity, affordability and resilience of housing.

Housing is a key contributor to individual and community economic, health and social wellbeing. Simply providing additional housing is not enough. People’s circumstances, lifestyle and culture influence their needs, and where and how they choose to live is about more than just the dwelling itself.

The future of NSW housing is to provide the right type of housing in the right locations, relative to infrastructure, the market, social health and environmental factors. Action in one pillar may influence others and together, they will contribute to improved economic, health and social wellbeing outcomes for the people of NSW.

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Includes amount, location and timing of the supply of new housing. Planning for the supply of new housing should respond to environment, employment and investment considerations, and population dynamics.

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Considers different types of housing and looks at how a diverse choice of housing can reflect the needs and preferences of households.

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Recognises people live in diverse tenures based on their income and circumstances, and that housing should be affordable, stable and supportive of their aspirations and wellbeing.

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Includes matching housing to community and environmental issues, so people, communities and their homes are safe, comfortable and resilient.