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NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Laying the foundation for inclusive, sustainable housing for now and into the future.

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2022 Housing Package

The 2022 Housing Package is about laying the foundation for inclusive, sustainable housing for NSW now and into the future. It pulls all available government levers to improve housing supply, fast-track critical infrastructure and make housing more affordable and accessible for people across NSW over the next 4 years.


The 2022 Housing Package aligns with the NSW Government’s Housing Strategy 2041 – a 20 year strategy that sets a long-term vision and objectives for housing in NSW. It aims to ensure the supply of homes, housing affordability, a diversity of homes types and homes that are resilient to the Australian climate.

Key policy initiatives

  • Government support to unlock around hundreds of thousands of homes in the housing pipeline.
  • More resources to fast-track new home assessments.
  • Investment in infrastructure through the Accelerated Infrastructure Fund.
  • Create a housing supply pipeline and prioritise zonings for new homes.
  • Help over 12,000 first home buyers enter the market.
  • Lower the up-front cost of buying a home for first home buyers.
  • Shared equity scheme for single parents, older singles and first home buyer teachers, nurses and police.
  • A pilot rent-to-buy program, supporting eligible low-income earners, will be led by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation in partnership with community housing providers. The scheme offers tenants a stable and affordable rental lease for a fixed period, allowing the household to accumulate savings. At the end of the lease tenants would have the opportunity to buy the property.
  • Government support to unlock 127,000 new homes in the housing pipeline.
  • Work to remove barriers to housing, including for key worker groups and Aboriginal families.
  • Provide funding for infrastructure through the regional Accelerated Infrastructure Fund.
  • Contribute to Closing the Gap targets.
  • Build 200 new homes and refurbish 260 existing homes.
  • Deliver community infrastructure through the Roads to Home program.
  • Contribute to the Strong Family, Strong Communities program.
  • Rejuvenate 15,800 social homes through a capital maintenance program.
  • Deliver 120 new homes through the Together Home Transition Program.
  • Extend the life of properties that would have otherwise become untenantable.

Find out more about our policies

Housing supply

Unlocking hundreds of thousands of homes by investing in infrastructure and speeding up new home assessments and rezonings.


First Home Buyer Choice

Eligible first home buyers will be given the choice of paying an annual property tax instead of stamp duty.


Shared equity

A 2-year trial to help up to 6,000 eligible single parents, older singles and first home buyers who are teachers, nurses or police.

Home ownership help for key workers single parents and older singles

Regional housing

Supporting regional communities by providing around 270 new homes for key workers, and unlocking 127,000 regional homes.


Aboriginal housing

Building new and refurbishing existing homes, supporting home ownership and addressing homelessness and overcrowding to help Close the Gap.


Social housing

Rejuvenating 15,800 social homes over 3 years and delivering 120 new homes.