NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Why we got involved

Pinny Beach is a small town within the local government area of Lake Macquarie. The area is noted by the Rural Fire Service (RFS) as high risk for bush-fire and this was holding up a new housing subdivision. To ensure safety for the community, a second road to access the proposed subdivision was needed.


What we did

The Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) mediated discussions on road access points with the developer, Lake Macquarie Council, Rural Fire Service (RFS), and Transport for NSW (TfNSW).


What happened

RFS and TfNSW provided their support for the proposed connection of the Old Pacific Highway to the Pacific Highway at Pinny Beach, and the development application has since been approved. This resulted in the approval of 410 homes in an area where there is a shortage.

Page last updated: 11/10/2022