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On 1 June 2018, car parking standards were increased for boarding houses delivered under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (ARHSEPP).

Car parking standards for boarding houses, except where provided by a Social Housing Provider, are now 0.5 spaces per room in all locations. This standard is contained at Clause 29(2)(e) of the ARHSEPP, and remains a ‘standard which cannot be used to refuse consent’. This means councils cannot refuse a boarding house proposal if it meets this standard, but that they may consider a lower car parking rate if appropriate.


The former car parking rates of 0.2 spaces per room in accessible areas, and 0.4 spaces in non-accessible areas will continue to apply where boarding houses are developed by a Social Housing Provider, as defined in the ARHSEPP. This is based on feedback received during the exhibition that Social Housing Providers should be supported in providing boarding houses for lower income earners and other groups.


The new car parking provisions for boarding houses were effective from the day they were notified on the NSW Legislation website. The amendments were notified on 1 June 2018.


The increased car parking standard responds to increasingly varied car ownership rates among residents of boarding houses and the impacts this can have on on-street parking in some areas. An Explanation of Intended Effect proposing a rate of 0.5 car parking spaces per boarding room in all circumstances, was exhibited between 29 March and 16 April 2018. A total of 105 submissions were received.



The exhibition documents and submission are available for viewing.


Page last updated: 13/06/2018