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The Entertainment Quarter is an entertainment precinct located within the Moore Park Showground Precinct. Land uses at the Entertainment Quarter come under the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) No 47 – Moore Park Showgrounds. Commercial premises within the Entertainment Quarter are required to be related to the film, television and video industry.


As a result of the NSW Government's proposal to redevelop the Sydney Football Stadium, some businesses and activities currently operating within the football stadium must relocate.


Supporting Sydney Football Stadium tenants

The NSW Government has amended the State Environmental Planning Policy No 47 - Moore Park Showground (SEPP No 47) to introduce provisions that enable the relocation of a number of health services facilities, recreation facilities and commercial premises, currently operating within the Sydney Football Stadium, to the Entertainment Quarter for a four (4) year period following demolition of the stadium.


The relocation is temporary and will have as little impact as possible on businesses and organisations operating within the site while giving certainty to the relocated businesses and other tenants. 


The SEPP was amended to permit these land uses outside of the film, television and video industry, and introduces a simplified pathway to enable these uses to be approved as complying development. 


Complying development

The complying development pathway was chosen, given that the proposed developments are temporary in nature, are relatively low scale developments and the potential impacts of the proposed development can be appropriately managed through the application of development standards.


The amendments introduce a complying development pathway for:

  • The installation of a new demountable building.
  • The temporary use of the proposed demountable building, the Byron Kennedy Hall and adjacent building 14A, and a portion of the existing floor space within Building 220, as health services facilities, recreation facilities and commercial premises. 


Development standards will be applied to ensure that the proposed temporary developments will have a similar built form to the existing buildings on the site and will not detract from the other uses in the Entertainment Quarter. The development standards will also be consistent with the terms of approval of the Entertainment Quarter Concept Plan, which was approved by the then Planning Assessment Commission on 25 November 2011.


The developments approved under the complying development certificates issued under the proposed complying development pathway will cease to operate after the completion of the four (4) year period from 1 January 2019.


How the pathways work: complying development

Complying development is a streamlined approval process for developments that meet specific criteria. Complying development can be determined by a council or accredited certifier. When a proposed development is not exempt or able to be approved as complying development, a Development Application (DA) is required to be lodged to the appropriate consent authority.


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Page last updated: 17/06/2020