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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Department is reviewing State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) to simplify and modernise the planning system by removing duplicated, redundant and outdated planning controls.


The Department proposes to improve and simplify NSW development standards by repealing SEPP No. 1 - Development Standards and SEPP (Miscellaneous Consent Provisions) 2007. The planning provisions contained in these policies will be incorporated in local planning controls.


Repealing the SEPPs will not result in significant policy change, as the purpose is to update existing local plans to include similar provisions. Areas covered by the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan already have the equivalent measures in place. This means local controls will essentially replace the function of the repealed SEPPs. Both SEPPs apply to lands which have been deferred from the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan applying in each local government area and a small number of SEPPs.


The Department will work with affected councils to manage the transition of planning provisions into their Local Environmental Plans.


SEPPs that rely on SEPP 1 are also proposed to be updated to include the development standard variation provision from the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan.


Engagement is now closed and feedback is being considered.


Submissions are now available for viewing.


Published submissions will include your name and the organisation on whose behalf you may be writing. Contact details such as email and postal addresses, and telephone numbers are not published. The Department reserves the right to not publish selected submissions (in full or part).


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Page last updated: 17/05/2019