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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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On 13 June 2017, the NSW Government announced $534 million for a new major referral hospital that would be constructed on a greenfield site in the Tweed-Byron region.


Following a comprehensive site selection and analysis process, a site located at 771 Cudgen Rd, Cudgen, was identified in June 2018 as the preferred site for a new Tweed Valley Hospital and supporting health service facilities.


The existing land use on the site was primarily zoned RU1 Primary Production. Hospitals are a prohibited use in the RU1 zone under the Tweed LEP 2014.


In February 2019, a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) was gazetted, which amends the Tweed LEP 2014 and rezones the site to SP2 Infrastructure (Health Services Facility). The amendments also remove development controls relating to height, minimum subdivision lot size and floor space ratios.


Our role

The Department has two separate responsibilities in the proposed new Tweed Valley Hospital development. 


Health Infrastructure NSW lodged a State significant development (SSD) application for the concept phase and associated stage 1 works of the proposed new Tweed Valley Hospital.


In order for us to assess and determine the proposed hospital development on the preferred site, the site’s planning controls must be amended to allow hospitals as a permissible use (with consent).


Now that the SEPP has been made, the Department will progress our assessment of the proposed hospital concept and stage 1 works application.


For more information, and to read public submissions received on the proposed SEPP, please refer to our Plans and Policies webpage.

Page last updated: 04/09/2019