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What is the new Tweed Valley Hospital project?

The NSW Government announced plans in June 2017 to develop a new major referral hospital on a greenfield site in the Tweed-Byron area. In 2018, the NSW Minister for Health announced the preferred site was located at 771 Cudgen Rd, Cudgen.


Health Infrastructure NSW have lodged a concept application for the development of a new hospital, and associated Stage 1 site preparation works. The concept proposal and Stage 1 works are being exhibited and assessed at the same time.


More information on the full project is available on the Tweed Valley Hospital project (NSW Health) website.


What planning approvals are required?

The Department of Planning plays an important role in assessing major projects in NSW. For more information on our role in assessment of the hospital application, see the new Tweed Valley Hospital landing page.


In parallel, the Department is also exhibiting the Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) for a proposed State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) to amend the permissible land uses on the site. The existing land use zone for the site is a combination of RU1 Primary Production and R1 General Residential under the Tweed Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014.


The SEPP proposes to rezone part of the land to SP2 Infrastructure (Health Services Facility) meaning that a hospital and its ancillary uses would be classified as a permissible use on the site. Other planning controls to facilitate the hospital development are also proposed.


Why is the Government proposing changes to the planning controls?

The land proposed for development as a hospital is primarily zoned RU1 Primary Production under the Tweed LEP 2014, and hospitals are a prohibited use in the RU1 zone.


The proposed planning controls would rezone the land enabling the Department to consider and assess a State significant development application for a new hospital.


The amended planning controls would need to be implemented before the hospital application is determined.


What is the mechanism for rezoning this site?

The Department is exhibiting an Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) that describes the proposed SEPP, which would amend the maps governing the site in the Tweed LEP 2014.


The new planning controls could be approved by the Minister for Planning after collecting feedback during a public exhibition process.


The Department welcomes all formal feedback on the proposed planning controls during public exhibition. Your feedback will help inform our decision-making processes.


What would the updated zoning allow?

The proposed amendments to the Tweed LEP 2014 seek to rezone the subject site to SP2 Infrastructure (Health Services Facility) to make the proposed hospital and its ancillary uses permissible with consent. The amendments also seek to remove development controls relating to height, minimum subdivision lot size and floor space ratios.


Any application for a health services facility on the site for development over $30M would be subject to assessment by the Department under State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011.


What could be built on the site?

“Health services facility” means a building or place used to provide medical or other services relating to the maintenance or improvement of the health, or the restoration to health, of persons or the prevention of disease in or treatment of injury to persons, and includes any of the following:

  • a medical centre,
  • community health service facilities,
  • health consulting rooms,
  • patient transport facilities, including helipads and ambulance facilities,
  • hospital* (Note the definition of hospital fits within the parent definition of Health Services Facility)

Hospital means a building or place used for the purpose of providing professional health care services (such as preventative or convalescent care, diagnosis, medical or surgical treatment, psychiatric care or care for people with disabilities, or counselling services provided by health care professionals) to people admitted as in-patients (whether or not out-patients are also cared for or treated there), and includes ancillary facilities for (or that consist of) any of the following:

  • day surgery, day procedures or health consulting rooms,
  • accommodation for nurses or other health care workers,
  • accommodation for persons receiving health care or for their visitors,
  • shops, kiosks, restaurants or cafes or take away food and drink premises,
  • patient transport facilities, including helipads, ambulance facilities and car parking,
  • educational purposes or any other health-related use,
  • research purposes (whether or not carried out by hospital staff or health care workers or for commercial purposes),
  • chapels,
  • hospices,
  • mortuaries.


What happens next?

The Department will consider all submissions received during public exhibition about the SEPP and the concept application for the hospital. Following consideration of the submissions regarding the rezoning, the Minister for Planning will decide whether to adopt the proposed controls.


If the planning controls are adopted, the Department would then proceed to finalise assessment of the proposed concept proposal and Stage 1 hospital development application. The Department will consider the application against existing strategic plans and policies, feedback and comments from the relevant local council(s), specialised and technical input and advice received from Federal and State Government agencies, and all submissions received during public exhibition.


Where can I find out more?

Find out more about:

You can also call us on 1300 305 695. If English isn’t your first language, call 131 450, ask for an interpreter in your language and request to be connected to our Information Centre.

Page last updated: 10/01/2019