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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Government is bringing planning processes up to date and making them easier. The new Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy (DP SEPP) 2021 and supporting guides are part of a broader review of all SEPPs. It aims to simplify and consolidate how to address the need for sustainable and resilient places and deliver good design in NSW.

The DP SEPP puts sustainability, resilience, and quality of places at the forefront of development. Our shared responsibility to sustain healthy and thriving communities, and to care for our environment underpins the policy. The DP SEPP will apply to all of NSW and spans places of all scales, from precincts, large developments and buildings, to infrastructure and public space (other than specified exclusions).

The DP SEPP and supporting guides and documents are on public exhibition until 28 February 2022. Find out more below about each part of the DP SEPP policy framework and related briefing sessions:


You can also download a summary overview of the policy framework, which also includes information about proposed measures to limit solar absorptance of roofs.

The documents on exhibition are: 


Status of the draft instrument

In her recent instructions to local government, the Secretary has emphasised that, for the purposes of section 4.15(1)(a)(ii) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), the draft proposed Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy (DP SEPP) 2021 is not notified to any consent authorities. The draft DP SEPP is therefore not a mandatory matter for consideration under the Act.
While applicants may wish to consider the DP SEPP and guides in the development of future proposals (for example, taking into account the considerations of the DP SEPP, and new guide objectives), it is critical to continued certainty and appropriate consultation that the draft DP SEPP is not to be applied to the assessment of development applications and planning proposals until the policy is finalised. 

Have Your Say

You can make a formal submission online via the
NSW Planning Portal.

Take our short 3 minute survey and tell us about what you value most about your home, community and environment. 

The Place You Live survey

In September 2021 the people of NSW were invited to participate in a landmark NSW Government survey. The results of the survey help to inform policy on housing choice and urban design in the places they live. The survey was conducted across a diverse group of 800 people in NSW - including home owners, renters, families and individuals of varying social and cultural backgrounds. The survey was open to the community, with 1500 people responding to a broad range of questions about the places they live, how these places were impacted by Covid19 and what it means to them to live in a place they love.

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