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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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Silhouette of a cargo ship against the sunset.

Three Ports SEPP

Port Botany, Port Kembla and the Port of Newcastle are the three largest ports in New South Wales. These ports are recognised as state significant precincts due to their importance to the NSW and Australian economies.


The State Environmental Planning Policy (Three Ports) 2013 is the principal environmental planning instrument that sets the land use planning and assessment framework for appropriate development at the three ports.


The NSW Government is proposing to make changes to the Three Ports SEPP to enable additional, essential, day-to-day development on land at the three ports to be undertaken through a streamlined assessment pathway. This is aimed at promoting the efficient operation of the ports.


The proposed changes also seek to protect land adjacent to the three ports for port-related activities. 

The proposed amendments to the Three Ports SEPP include:

  • additional categories of exempt and complying development that can occur at the three ports
  • additional land within the Port Kembla and Port of Newcastle lease area
  • rezone certain land near Hale Street and Wentworth Avenue, Botany
  • outline options to discourage the subdivision of industrial land at Port Botany
  • make housekeeping amendments and operational improvements

An Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) has been prepared to provide further details of the proposed amendments to the Three Ports SEPP.

Further information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Download the EIE

The public exhibition of the proposed amendments to the Three Ports SEPP is now closed

The NSW Government exhibited proposed amendments to the Three Ports SEPP in 2018.


The proposed changes to the SEPP are still under consideration. However, a preliminary decision regarding the proposed SEPP amendments has been made, in response to feedback received from the community.


We heard that the community does not support the proposed to rezoning of land at Wentworth Avenue, Botany from IN2 Light Industrial under the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 to IN1 General Industrial under the Three Ports SEPP.


As a result of this feedback, this rezoning is no longer part of the proposed amendments to the Three Ports SEPP.


Submissions covering all other proposed changes are still under consideration by the Department.


Published submissions will include your name and the organisation on whose behalf you may be writing. Contact details such as email and postal addresses, and telephone numbers are not published. The Department reserves the right to not publish selected submissions (in full or in part). Please read our privacy statement.


Page last updated: 30/04/2021