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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The department values input from stakeholders and the Western Sydney community. From the start of the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan’s (the Plan) development in 2018, the department used a variety of engagement methods to better understand the views of the community, local councils, industry and other stakeholders – including what areas of biodiversity are important to them – and to gain feedback during development of key elements of the Plan.


What's happened so far?

Between July and December 2019, we actively engaged with community and key stakeholders as part of early engagement to develop the Plan.


The department ran community drop-ins in locations across Western Sydney. We also ran a series of workshops and meetings with key stakeholder groups, including local councils, government agencies, industry peak bodies and environment groups. This ensured that local and expert knowledge helped shape the Plan.


We specifically sought feedback from the community on local conservation priorities, how people value biodiversity through an online survey and a social pinpoint map.


The What We Heard report for early engagement summarises feedback and key themes from community and stakeholder feedback on developing the Plan.


A consultant report also provides an overview of feedback from the community drop-in sessions and targeted stakeholder workshops.


Collaborating with Western Sydney’s Aboriginal community

The department ran targeted information sessions and workshops with Western Sydney’s Aboriginal community and Local Aboriginal Land Councils as part of early engagement on the Plan.


The aim of this engagement was to collaborate on how the Plan could create and support economic, cultural and biodiversity conservation opportunities for Western Sydney’s Aboriginal community.


A consultant report summarises feedback and key themes from engagement with Western Sydney’s Aboriginal community and Local Aboriginal Land Councils.


Community Reference Group and the People’s Panel

The department established the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan People’s Panel in 2018. The People’s Panel was made up of 18 randomly selected community members—with at least two representatives from each local government area in the Plan Area.


The panel participated in a series of workshops and a bus trip around the Plan Area, where members’ views directly informed the Plan and its conservation program. This process provided the department with direct feedback from community members who may not have previously had a voice on NSW Government initiatives.


The department also established the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan Community Reference Group in 2018. This group, chaired by the Total Environment Centre, was made up of expert representatives from a range of environmental, Aboriginal, landscape profession and scientific groups in Western Sydney. The Community Reference Group provided independent advice to the department to support the development of the Plan.


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Page last updated: 11/08/2021