NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Early implementation projects

In the first 5 years of the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan (CPCP), we focus on actions to protect koalas, other wildlife, and important native vegetation. 

Some of these actions are already underway: 

  • 54 hectares of land transferred to NPWS to start establishing the Georges River Koala Reserve.
  • 177 hectares of conservation land has been purchased, including habitat for koalas and other threatened species.
  • the Biodiversity Conservation Trust has engaged with landholders to encourage uptake of biodiversity stewardship agreements in priority areas needed for offsets under this plan 
  • design work and assessments are underway for koala crossings at Appin Road at Kings Falls Bridge and Ousedale
  • development of a 35-year research strategy to fill knowledge gaps in the Cumberland Plain has started
  • progress has been made on the Cumberland Plain Grants Program to fund Local Aboriginal Land Councils in Western Sydney to deliver cultural and conservation outcomes on their land.
  • actions for koala monitoring and research including baseline disease monitoring and genetic sampling actions in south western Sydney are underway.

Protecting biodiversity through stewardship agreements

The department is working with the Biodiversity Conservation Trust to encourage landholders to establish new biodiversity stewardship sites in the CPCP area. Landowners can enter a biodiversity stewardship agreement to permanently protect and manage an agreed patch of land for conservation in return for financial and other benefits. 

The Biodiversity Conservation Trust will be engaging with interested landholders in the CPCP area to promote the opportunities and benefits of stewardship sites. With more than 75% of the remaining native vegetation in the Cumberland subregion being on private land, stewardship agreements are an important way of supporting Western Sydney’s biodiversity over the long term. 

For further information about biodiversity stewardship agreements visit the Biodiversity Conservation Trust website or phone 1300 992 688. You can read more about the CPCP biodiversity stewardship program by downloading the documents below.


Page last updated: 14/09/2022