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Employment lands play an important role in the functioning of a city. Employment lands provide the population with urban services, supports job growth, encourages business creation and development, and contributes to the wider economy. Therefore, it is important that there is enough land, located in the right places, for this to occur. 

The aim of the Employment Lands Development Monitor (ELDM) is to provide the data and evidence needed to inform planning decisions that enable job creation and the functioning of a city. 

The ELDM contains information on:

  • the current availability of zoned employment land, business parks and other land where jobs are created
  • where employment land is serviced and ready for development
  • where development on employment land has recently taken place, and
  • where potential future employment lands and business parks are to be located.

The ELDM is a research tool for developers and investors in the industrial property and business park markets. It is also a source of information for Government agencies, utilities and councils involved in the planning and servicing of lands designated for employment-related activities. 


Page last updated: 13/08/2018