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Metropolitan Housing Monitors

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Quarterly reports

The quarterly housing monitor provides a more detailed analysis of the dwelling activity in Sydney.

The monitor includes a detailed analysis on greenfield housing supply including:

Previous reports can be found below under Historical reports.

Housing data


Sydney Greenfield Monitor

This is an interactive report that enables you to easily track the latest State-led greenfield development activity across Sydney. The Monitor provides information on the estimated dwelling potential, the number of lots sold and available, and the number of completed dwellings in released and rezoned precincts.

How to use the Monitor: Make your selections with the dropdown filters below and click apply. To clear your selection, use the funnel icon at the top right of each filter when selected. You'll find definitions for the various terms as you hover over them.

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This Monitor provides information on residential housing activity in Sydney. It contains information on the number, type and location of dwellings approved and completed.

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The Department has identified locations around the rural – urban fringe of Sydney that are suitable for development with new homes and jobs.