NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The UDP contains information from a wide variety of sources and references supplementary material from organisations including the Department of Planning and Environment, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Greater Sydney Commission and Sydney Water. Access the following resources and associated explanatory notes and links:

Sydney Housing Supply Forecast

An annual forecast that models Sydney’s potential future housing supply, providing information about where, when and how many new homes are likely to be built in the Greater Sydney area over the next 5 years. The forecast is an essential input for strategic planning decisions and critical for monitoring expected housing supply in relation to underlying demand.

Sydney Housing Supply Forecast web page | Download the Sydney housing data

Population Projections

The NSW population projections look at the size and demographics of the population including how many people are likely to be living in NSW, how old they are likely to be and where in the state they are likely to live. The population projections are used across NSW Government to help inform the delivery of housing, infrastructure and services.

Populations Projections web page | Download the population data

Employment Lands Development Monitor

An annual snapshot about the status and availability of existing and potential future industrial land and business parks in the Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter, and Illawarra Regions.  The aim of the monitor is to provide data and evidence to inform planning decisions that enable job creation and the functioning of a city.

Employment Lands Development Monitor web page | Download Employment Lands data

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Building Approvals

The ABS collects data about residential and non-residential building work that has been approved for each month. Data from this collection is an important leading economic indicator of future building activity. Building approval statistics are used extensively by both public and private sector organisations to monitor economic activity, employment, and investment.

Greater Sydney Commission

The Greater Sydney Region Plan - A Metropolis of Three Cities is the strategic framework that aims to balance housing, jobs, infrastructure, and services across 3 integrated and connected cities. It sets a 40 year vision and establishes a 20 year plan to manage growth and change in the context of social, economic and environmental factors.

Sydney Water

Sydney Water’s Growth Servicing Plan shows the expected availability of trunk water-related infrastructure over the next 5 to 15 years across major greenfield and infill areas in Greater Sydney.

Infrastructure Funding

The funding and delivery of infrastructure forms a key part of planning for local communities. Providing the correct infrastructure in the right place at the right time supports the continued delivery of new homes and jobs throughout New South Wales. Interactive maps that show details and status of projects funded by Special Infrastructure Contributions, Accelerated Infrastructure Fund, State Voluntary Planning Agreements and Housing Acceleration Fund are found on the Housing Acceleration Fund web page.

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