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The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 aims to build a strong economy capable of generating jobs, providing greater housing choice, essential infrastructure, lively centres for shopping, entertainment and dining, and protecting the natural environment.


Central Coast Regional Plan 2036

The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 is a 20–year blueprint for the future of the Central Coast.


The vision

Our vision is to create a region with a healthy natural environment, a flourishing economy, and well-connected communities.


We’ll deliver our vision through four goals:

  • a prosperous Central Coast with more jobs close to home
  • protection for the natural environment and careful, sustainable management of agricultural and resource lands
  • well-connected communities and attractive lifestyles
  • a range of housing choices to suit needs and lifestyles.


Central Coast Regional Plan 2036


Regional Plan 2018 Monitoring Report

The Central Coast Regional Plan 2018 Monitoring Report highlights the significant progress made in delivering outcomes for the people of the region in the Regional Plan’s second year.


Key highlights of the year include:

  • The launch of the final vision to revitalise Gosford City Centre
    On 10 October 2018 the NSW Government released the final package of measures to pave the way for the revitalisation of Gosford as the region’s vibrant and thriving capital. The Government Architect’s Urban Design Framework, and planning controls implementing the vision, will drive further investment, attract new residents, business, tourists, cultural activity and jobs to make Gosford the regional capital it deserves to be.
  • Release of the Darkinjung Delivery Framework (DDF) Consultation Paper on exhibition
    The DDF Consultation Paper comprises a set of planning measures to assist the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council achieve better economic outcomes from its land.
  • Commencement of Strategic Conservation Planning for the region
    The most comprehensive conservation planning exercise undertaken for the Central Coast and one of the largest undertaken in Australia.
    It will ensure the Central Coast’s unique natural environment is protected while the region meets its long-term housing and employment needs.

Other highlights of 2018 include:

  • $42 million of NSW Government funding for the much-needed upgrade of water and sewer infrastructure in Gosford City Centre
  • $10 million of NSW Government funding to upgrade Leagues Club Field, including the creation of a regional park and playground
  • Delivery of the Housing and Employment Supply Snapshot to provide a stocktake of current housing and employment lands across the Central Coast
  • Preparation of the Southern Growth Corridor Strategy ready for exhibition
  • Operation of the Interagency and Council Working Group to address land use needs west of the M1 Pacific Motorway
  • Launch of the Central Coast Regional Plan Info Centre in late February, a space to engage and inform the public about the implementation program, that has had more than 1,000 visitors.


View the Monitoring Report


Central Coast Implementation Plan 2018-2020

The Central Coast Regional Implementation Plan 2018-2020 has been released that sets out exactly how the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 will continue to deliver jobs, housing, conservation planning and revitalisation for the region over the next two years.


For more details visit Delivering the Plan page.


View the Implementation Plan 2018-2020


Darkinjung Delivery Framework Consultation Paper

The NSW Government has released a set of planning measures to assist the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (Darkinjung) achieve better economic outcomes from their land.


From Friday 16 November 2018 to 5pm Friday 14 December 2018, the Central Coast community was invited to have its say on the Darkinjung Delivery Framework (DDF) Consultation Paper that proposes eight inter-related actions to help Darkinjung develop its land.


The NSW Government wishes to thank all those who made a submission on the DDF. 


All submissions will be reviewed and a final set of recommendations will be presented to the Minister for Planning in early 2019.

The DDF Consultation Paper implements Direction 6 of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 (Regional Plan) “to strengthen the economic self-determination of Aboriginal communities”.


The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 recognises that encouraging Aboriginal people to gain economic benefit from their land will support broader regional development and environmental and social outcomes.


Darkinjung is one of 120 Local Aboriginal Land Councils in NSW established under the Aboriginal Land Rights (ALR) Act 1983.


The ALR Act was passed by the NSW Parliament to establish a network of Aboriginal Land Councils to acquire and manage land as an economic base for Aboriginal communities, as compensation for historic dispossession and in recognition of their ongoing disadvantage.


In 2016 the NSW Parliament’s Standing Committee on State Development Inquiry into Economic Development in Aboriginal Communities recommended that the planning system needed to better accommodate aspirations of the ALR Act.


The suite of proposed measures in the DDF Consultation Paper will better align the planning system to the ALR Act to help Darkinjung attain goals for the development of its land and achieve better economic and social outcomes for Aboriginal communities and the broader Central Coast community.


As a large land holder on the Central Coast, Darkinjung is key to achieving the social, economic and environmental goals of the Regional Plan.


The DDF Consultation Paper’s suite of inter-related actions involve education, collaboration, revised processes and legal change.


View the Consultation Paper (PDF, 2.4MB) - Opens best in Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


View the Consultation Paper


Gosford City Centre Revitalisation

Revitalisation of Gosford City Centre as the capital of a healthy, prosperous and connected Central Coast, is a key Ministerial priority of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036.


The project has reached a significant milestone with the release of the final Government Architect report and approval of a suite of new planning controls to revitalise Gosford City Centre, following public exhibition throughout the year.


Information relating to the final planning controls and development assessment and approvals within the Gosford City Centre can be found here:


Gosford City Centre