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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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  • Preparing the plan

    The Draft Central West and Orana Regional Plan is underpinned by a strong evidence base. Data and evidence was gathered and analysed about population growth and change, the regional economy, the housing and employment markets, the location of important environmental and resource areas and natural hazards.















    Image of The Drip Gorge, Mudgee, credit: Amber Hooper

  • Plan on exhibition 

    The Draft Central West and Orana Regional Plan (the draft Plan) is the first time a consolidated strategic plan has been prepared for all 20 local government areas that comprise the Central West and Orana region.


    The Central West and Orana region has important agricultural, mining and renewable energy resources for Australia that the draft Plan aims to manage sustainably.


    The region has ready access to Sydney, Newcastle and other export markets, a strong network of regional cities, centres, towns and villages, and is located at the meeting point of major national freight corridors between Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    The Plan outlines goals for the region including:

    • a growing and diverse regional economy
    • a region with strong freight transport and utility infrastructure networks that support economic growth
    • a region that protects and enhances its productive agricultural land, natural resources and environmental assets
    • strong communities and liveable places that cater for the region’s changing population.

    The draft Plan focuses on:

    • encouraging greater investment, innovation and diversification in agribusiness – a key regional strength
    • transforming the region’s manufacturing sector by developing advanced and value-adding manufacturing opportunities
    • identifying and protecting the region’s productive agricultural lands
    • sustainably managing mining and renewable resource use
    • the importance of the region’s freight and logistics network and capitalising on its pivotal location on national freight corridors to leverage greater productivity across the region’s agribusiness, mining and manufacturing sectors, and to increase access to markets outside the region
    • strengthening regional cities (Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo), regional centres (Mudgee, Lithgow and Parkes) and surrounding towns and villages by improving transport connections and providing more housing choice and services
    • protecting and managing the region’s environment and building resilience to natural hazards (e.g. bushfires and drought) and climate change.


    Image of The Drip Gorge, Mudgee, credit: Amber Hooper

  • Submission review period

    We wish to thank the Central West and Orana community, local councils, community groups, and peak bodies for having their say on the draft Central West and Orana Regional Plan. 
    We have endeavoured to remove any personal or sensitive information from your submissions, prior to publishing. If you have any concerns about the published submissions, please contact our Western Region office on (02) 6841 2180. 
    We have now considered the submissions and the final Plan has been released.

  • Plan approved

    The Central West and Orana Regional Plan 2036 is a 20-year blueprint for the future of the Central West and Orana region.
    Our vision is to create a leading diverse regional economy in NSW, with a vibrant network of centres leveraging the opportunities of being at the heart of NSW. We will deliver our vision through four goals:

    • The most diverse regional economy in NSW
    • A stronger, healthier environment and diverse heritage
    • Quality freight, transport and infrastructure networks
    • Dynamic, vibrant and healthy communities.