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2021-22 Action Plan

Housing 2041 sets a long-term vision for housing in NSW. Our 2021–22 action plan laid the foundation. We are taking a flexible approach so we can update priorities in response to changing circumstances, evidence and community expectation. We identified the following priorities for the first 2 years.

Providing planning, regulation and guidelines

The department continues to:

  • develop policies and guidelines for better jobs, housing and planning outcomes
  • reform the planning system to make planning assessments faster and more transparent and to reduce rezoning timeframes
  • improve housing legislation to increase housing security for tenants and homeowners.

We also support efforts to:

  • improve community resilience and responses to environmental and natural hazards
  • ensure communities are not at risk
  • introduce adaptable housing design that makes the most of technology to meet changing social and environmental needs
  • ensure that new housing types meet individual and community needs
  • apply universal design across the housing sector.
Maximising the impact of government

The department continues to:

  • invest in renewing and growing social housing and enabling the community housing sector
  • enable people living in social housing to transition into private rental accommodation or home ownership
  • give ongoing housing help for those in crisis
  • support better outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities
  • partner with industry and community housing providers to test new housing types on government land
  • improve residential development processes the government leads to increase the supply of more affordable, diverse and resilient housing
  • support the supply of suitable housing for essential workers in locations where it is hard to find housing.
Establishing a research agenda

The department continues to:

  • support research into innovative housing solutions
  • promote sustainable and energy-efficient homes.
Working with local governments and communities

We continue working with local governments to:

  • plan for and deliver housing
  • update their housing policies
  • share more data from ePlanning and take part in data-sharing exercises.
Promoting the use of data and evidence-based decision-making

The department continues to:

  • streamline and coordinate better access to housing data, evidence and information across sectors
  • make the most of the data opportunities the ePlanning program presents.

For more information and datasets, visit Housing Evidence Centre.

If you need assistance due to accessibility barriers, email the Housing Strategy team at [email protected]