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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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West Schofields is a new community close to Schofields Town Centre and approximately 10 kilometres from Blacktown.


Precincts – a new approach

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces has recently announced a new approach to precinct planning in NSW. The State Government has decided that West Schofields will remain a state led rezoning precinct.


This means the Department will finalise the precinct plan and rezoning for the precinct.


This ensures the Department can continue to work closely with Council and state agencies to resolve outstanding issues including flood plain management, the alignment of the metro corridor from Tallawong to St Marys, protection of the Jemena gas pipeline, Aboriginal heritage and biodiversity certification.


The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, in collaboration with Blacktown City Council, prepared the draft West Schofields masterplan. This plan was exhibited August to September 2018 and will guide the future rezoning and development of this new precinct from the ground up.


The masterplan includes:

  • A new local centre with community facilities, shops and cafés
  • Twelve double playing fields to support West Schofields and its surrounding communities
  • New footpaths and cycleways throughout the community
  • Protection of Eastern Creek and Bells Creek
  • A potential Green Grid throughout the area, with a possible connection to Western Sydney Parklands
  • A range of homes to meet the needs of a new, diverse community
  • Appropriate building and design controls to create a more resilient community.


The masterplan was on exhibition for public comment from 31 August - 28 September 2018. All submissions will be considered before plans are finalised.


West Schofields was originally released in two stages. The southern half of the precinct was released in 2016 and the northern half was released in May 2017. The draft masterplan covers both parts of the precinct.


New homes and a vibrant new local centre

We are planning for new homes in West Schofields, involving a range of housing types. The draft masterplan balances these new homes with infrastructure and services needed to support the community, and ensures homes are within walking distance of shops, cafés and transport connections.


Parks and Playing Fields

Parks and open space have been spread out across West Schofields so that everyone has access to facilities within walking distance from their homes. The draft masterplan also offers playing fields to support neighbouring areas, including Riverstone and Alex Avenue.


Improved Connections

Several roads will be widened, extended or upgraded to improve access to West Schofields.


Development contributions provide funding to enable these roads will be delivered.


Residents can access Riverstone, Schofields and Tallawong train stations from the precinct. Bus routes, pedestrian paths and cycleways are also planned throughout West Schofields.


Environmental Conservation

The draft masterplan celebrates West Schofields’ natural environment, including its creeks and local flora and fauna. Building and design controls will ensure new developments respond to flood risks creating a safe, resilient community.


West Schofields is bordered by Eastern Creek and Bells Creek. By protecting these creeks and areas rich in vegetation, as well as areas of Aboriginal and non-indigenous heritage, there is an opportunity to create a Green Grid in the precinct.


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Page last updated: 12/11/2019