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What is a designated fishing activity?

Designated fishing activities include commercial fishing activities relating to particular methods and / or locations including:
  • fishing in share management fisheries such as abalone, lobster, ocean trawling and hauling, ocean trap and line and estuary prawn trawling
  • fish stocking
  • shark meshing
  • harvesting marine vegetation.


How do you apply for approval?

Before a designated fishing activity can be undertaken, approval is needed from the Minister for Primary Industries.


Anyone who wishes to undertake a designated fishing activity needs to prepare a draft fishery management plan (which includes assessment of cumulative environmental impacts) and an environmental impact statement.


Following public exhibition of these documents, the Department of Environment and Planning assesses the project and provides a report to the Minister for Primary Industries, who makes a decision on the proposal. If the Minister for Primary Industries is the proponent of the designated fishing activity, the Minister for Planning will determine the application.


Relevant Legislation:


Other development assessment systems

Page last updated: 17/05/2018