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Departmental Media Release

Built environment experts invited to get involved in planning NSW's future

  • Date: 15.12.2017
  • Type: Departmental Media Release
  • Author: Department of Planning and Environment

Selected members will represent a broad and diverse range of expertise in the built environment and will play a key role in assisting the Government Architect and Department of Planning and Environment with design and planning advice.


NSW Government Architect, Peter Poulet, said the SDRP pilot program is a great opportunity for those with an interest in improving the quality of design and planning in our state to help inform the decision-making process.


“The State Design Review Panel pilot will provide a consistent and transparent mechanism for the Government Architect and the Department of Planning and Environment to evaluate design quality, as well as provide proponents access to high quality design advice,” Mr Poulet said.


“Having a diverse and energetic group of expert and experienced voices guiding the decisions of the Department will not only ensure that we continue to have a robust assessment process, but also ensure that the community has an even greater say on the future direction of planning and design.


“NSW is already leading the country in innovative design and planning, with statewide polices such as Better Places and Greener Places showing we’re planning not just for today, but tomorrow as well.


“By joining the panel, leaders from the design community can really play a part in ensuring NSW remains at the forefront of community-focused design innovation and assessment.”


As well as assisting the Government Architect and Department with planning and innovation, the panel will engage with councils through the inclusion of locally nominated panel members for the assessment of relevant applications.


“The pilot program, will also engage have a role internally in the Department to support review and development of planning instruments in response to the new design object of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act – including state planning policies, site specific Development Control Plans, precinct planning and urban renewal,” Mr Poulet said.


“This really is an opportunity for architects, landscape architects, urban planners and designers wanting to be involved in the state’s planning future to throw their hat into the ring and make a real difference to the future of NSW.”


Applications to join the State Design Review Panel pilot program are open until 2 February 2018 – to find out more, please visit


To find out more information on the Government Architect, please visit

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