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Departmental Media Release

Environmental protection a priority in recommended refusal

  • Date: 06.04.2017
  • Type: Departmental Media Release
  • Author: Department of Planning and Environment

Environmental protection is the priority behind a recommended refusal for a modification to the Cobaki Estate development.


The Department of Planning and Environment has recommended the independent Planning Assessment Commission (the Commission) refuse a request from Leda Manorstead to modify an approved fencing plan and remove conditions in its approval relating to buffer zones.


Fencing and buffer zones to protect environmentally sensitive areas and local plants and animals were conditions of the original Department approval. However, the company has requested they be removed.


"Our conditions require fencing between the development works and environmentally sensitive areas as well as a 100 metres buffer zone around a raptor bird nesting tree on the site if nesting activity was happening before construction started," said Anthea Sargeant, Executive Director, Key Sites and Industry Assessments.


Leda Manorstead has requested removing fencing from six areas of the site, as well removing the 100-metre buffer zone condition.


"We do not support the requested amendments to remove the fences. To do so would cause unnecessary risks and increase the chances that these areas could be harmed.


"Also, no nesting activity happened before construction began, so the 100-metre buffer condition has already been satisfied and there is no reason to remove it," said Ms Sargeant


"We have recommended to the Commission that the company’s request be refused."


Cobaki Estate is a planned residential development that was approved in 2010 and will include around 5,500 homes.


The development will also include a town centre, neighbourhood centre, a school, open space and environmental protection areas.


The Commission will now make a final decision on the proposal.

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