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More people staying in Sydney

  • Date: 31.03.2017
  • Type: Featured Article
  • Author: Department of Planning and Environment

Sydney is growing. More people are choosing to stay creating strong demand for additional housing.

Historically Sydney has lost population to interstate destinations: namely Queensland and Victoria. In the early 2000s, more than 20,000 people per year were leaving Sydney.

Current trends show that the rate of loss from Sydney is slowing. By 2009 departures fell to less than 20,000 people per year. This number is currently hovering around the 15,000 mark.


This need for additional housing and a greater range of housing types is compounded by our state’s ageing population.

demog-edm-story-2_487x322 Caption: As NSW’s population ages a diversity of housing types is needed to cater for our changing needs.

Between 2011 and 2036 the number of people aged 15 to 64 will increase by 25 per cent, while the number of people aged above 65 years will double.

An ageing population will also bring an increase in the number of one and two person households..

For some empty nesters or older singles wanting to down-size, the lack of medium density options such as townhouses, dual occupancies and manor homes and may keep them in their larger family homes.This shortage can lead to existing housing being underutilised by larger families as household sizes decrease.

demog-edm-story-1_487x322 Caption: Medium density housing provides housing choice as the needs of our population change

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