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Departmental Media Release

NSW Government makes it easier to deliver essential infrastructure

  • Date: 15.12.2017
  • Type: Departmental Media Release
  • Author: Department of Planning and Environment

Planning policy amendments by the NSW Government will make it easier and faster to deliver and maintain infrastructure, while ensuring appropriate levels of environmental assessment and public consultation are undertaken.


Department of Planning and Environment Deputy Secretary for Policy, Strategy & Governance, Alison Frame said changes to the state policy for infrastructure will modernise, simplify and improve the effectiveness of the planning system and come following extensive consultation with industry, stakeholders and the community.


“This policy change will have important flow on benefits for the community, allowing the State Government to ensure important social and community infrastructure is built, in the right locations, in a timely manner,” Ms Frame said.


“The changes to the Infrastructure state policy were put on public exhibition from February to April this year and a large number of submissions were received.


“These important amendments seek to expanding existing provisions within the policy and address emerging policy issues – with the aim of making it more efficient for the Government to deliver on its infrastructure agenda.”


The Infrastructure State Environmental Planning Policy will be amended to:

  • simplify and expand various approval pathways to more efficiently deliver infrastructure, particularly new provisions for health services facilities and public administration buildings;
  • introduce new provisions for councils’ operational land, commuter hubs, lead-in sewer and water infrastructure and State sport and recreation centres; and
  • other operational improvements and housekeeping amendments.


“These pieces of infrastructure are essential if the State and local governments are to deliver the services and outcomes that the community needs,” Ms Frame said.


“The flow on benefits of these amendments will include increasing the welfare of NSW’s community and stimulating the state’s economy.”


The NSW Government is continuing to work to modernise, simplify and improve the planning system to ensure that essential infrastructure and services that the community needs can be delivered in a streamlined way.


Find out more about the changes to the SEPP.


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