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The Hunter Regional Plan 2036 aims to make the Hunter Region the leading regional economy in Australia, with a vibrant new metropolitan city at its heart – that heart is the area referred to as Greater Newcastle.


Over the next 20 years, we want Greater Newcastle to transition and transform into a productive, accessible, liveable Metropolitan City that attracts talent, encourages innovation and creates jobs and growth.


To work towards this future, the Department is collaborating with the five Greater Newcastle councils (Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle and Port Stephens), key industry groups, and the community to undertake metropolitan planning for Greater Newcastle.


We need to work together to ensure that homes, jobs and infrastructure are delivered in the right locations, and that Greater Newcastle’s competitive advantages, environmental assets and natural resources are safeguarded and maximised.


Why do we need metropolitan planning in Greater Newcastle


Download Greg Clark's metropolitan strategic planning case studies report

Case studies report

Key events 

Date  Activity
fast_fact_your_region_subregion_64x62October 2016 Released Hunter Regional Plan 2036
The Hunter Regional Plan 2036 is a blueprint which will guide the planning priorities and land use decisions in the growing region over the next two decades.
fast_fact_major_events_64x41February 2017 Launched Greater Newcastle metropolitan planning
Commencement of metropolitan planning for Greater Newcastle.


April 2017

Held Challenges and Opportunities Workshop

Participants discussed the biggest challenges and opportunities facing Greater Newcastle, and how metropolitan planning may assist in addressing these issues.


5 July 2017

Greg Clark Public Lecture

Free public lecture: Metro Planning Insights for Greater Newcastle

Visiting UK planning expert Greg Clark will present his Case Study Report and give a Public Lecture on the lessons learnt in other metropolitan cities around the world and how we use them to ensure better metropolitan planning for Greater Newcastle.


5 July 2017

July Economic and Housing Workshop

On 5 July 2017, stakeholder participated in a workshop at McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle to consider the preliminary findings and insights from the metropolitan-level housing and economic research that is underway. 

May - August 2017

Community Outreach
A series of Community Outreach events will be a chance for people to tell us what they love about their local area.  They will also help us show the community what metropolitan planning is and how it works. See more

 Current and upcoming events


Late 2017

Exhibition of draft Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan

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