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We want to create vibrant, attractive and well-connected communities, where people can live and work with good access to public transport, community facilities, open spaces, shops and cafes.


In collaboration with Bayside Council (previously Rockdale City Council), we developed a draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy for the Bayside West Precincts. This area includes the Arncliffe Precinct, Banksia Precinct and the Cooks Cove Precinct.

The new strategy aims to create connected town centres for Arncliffe, Banksia and Cooks Cove, better transport connections, more housing choices, a vibrant Princes Highway corridor and new areas of open space.


The Department recently exhibited the draft Strategy and draft Rezoning Proposal for Arncliffe and  Banksia, providing a range of opportunities for the community and other stakeholders to provide feedback through mail-outs, advertising, media and social media. an online survey, information sessions and workshops.


A summary of the feedback received is at Bayside West Precincts Community Consultation Report – April 2017 (PDF, 4.2 MB).


We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide this feedback, which is now being considered. A Finalisation Report is being prepared which will provide the Department’s and other agency responses to the issues raised through the feedback. This report will be made publicly available if the Minster decides to proceed with rezoning.


We will update you again when the Strategy and Rezoning Proposal is finalised.



Here is a snapshot of what the Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy for the Bayside West Precincts aims to achieve.


Create connected town centres

Our aim is to revitalise the existing Arncliffe and Banksia town centres by expanding the retail area and allowing housing above shops in the town centres. This will add vibrancy and life to the area, and allow more opportunity for people to live in the town centre.


Cooks Cove

The strategy identifies the northern portion of the Cooks Cove Precinct (north of the M5), as suitable for mixed use, residential development. The strategy recommends additional investigations into how future development within Cooks Cove can be a catalyst for providing a new local centre with homes, jobs, shops, cafes and restaurants, in an attractive, liveable and convenient place where people enjoy living, working and visiting.


Create better transport connections

The strategy seeks to improve walking and cycling connections to ensure homes, jobs and local facilities are easy to access. It also ensures new homes are well connected to public transport so that more residents will be able to benefit from being close to the railway station as well as local shops.


Create more housing choices: The new strategy has identified areas that are suitable for new homes that will enable people to choose from a range of different housing types. These areas are within walking distance to public transport and other community facilities.


Create a vibrant Princes Highway Corridor

The strategy recommends changing the land uses adjoining the Princes Highway, through Arncliffe, to allow for a wider range of commercial uses, along with residential apartments on upper levels. The purpose of this change is to encourage revitalisation of the corridor, bringing additional business opportunities whilst providing for additional housing. Buildings within this part of the corridor will typically include apartments with ground floor retail or showrooms.


Create new areas of open space

The strategy seeks to improve access to open space within the precincts by identifying where new areas of open space could be provided and improving access to existing areas.


The open space provision within Arncliffe and Banksia is limited and typical of an urban built up area. However, Cooks Cove provides large areas of open space, including Barton Park which provides a range of sporting fields and courts.


To increase usage of these areas and to provide better access for new and existing residents, the strategy identifies the need to provide better pedestrian and cycling linkages to Cooks Cove and other neighbouring areas of open space. The provision of upgraded open space in Cooks Cove is to be assessed as further planning for the precinct. Redevelopment of the Arncliffe and Banksia precincts also provides an opportunity to open up additional areas of public open space. As large sites redevelop, portions of these sites could be provided as new open space to meet the needs of the new residents.


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