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Frenchs Forest has been announced as a Priority Precinct to ensure it benefits from the NSW Government’s $1B investment in infrastructure in the area. The new Northern Beaches Hospital and improved transport links will be a catalyst for revitalisation and creating new homes and jobs.


The announcement of Frenchs Forest as a Priority Precinct means the Department can better co-ordinate work with state and local partners including council, Roads and Maritime Services and other agencies to help fast-track the infrastructure and services needed to support the precinct’s growing community.


The key focus of the Frenchs Forest Priority Precinct is to implement Phase One of the Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Structure Plan. 


aerial image of Frenchs Forest

Aerial image of new Northern Beaches Hospital. The hospital will adjoin the new town centre, the focal point of the Frenchs Forest Priority Precinct.


The Priority Precinct Process

Infographic: The Priority Precinct Process 1  Structure Plan: Council endorses the Northern Beaches Hospital Structure Plan2  Additional Studies: DPE, council and state agencies work in collaboration to carry out additional planning studies, (We are here), Current Stage

3 Precinct Planning: Department evaluates reports and prepares exhibition material for the precinct

4 Exhibition: The precinct plan is exhibited and the community is encouraged to have its say on the plan

5 Finalisation: The final report is prepared and a recommendation is made to the Minister for Planning based on community feedback

6 Determination: Rezoning determination is made by the Minister 

To find out more about the Priority Precincts, please visit New Priority Precincts.