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The draft Strategy for the Ingleside Precinct

Objectives for the draft Strategy for the Ingleside Precinct

We want to create a vibrant, attractive and well-connected community in Ingleside, where people can live and work with good access to public transport, community facilities, open spaces, shops and cafes.


In collaboration with Northern Beaches Council, we recently released a draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy for community consultation. We are now reviewing all submissions and will release a revised Strategy for further consultation in early 2018. All of the submissions received will also be made available on our website over the coming weeks.


For more detailed information about the draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy, see

Highlights of the draft strategy

Create a sustainable community

We have placed equal importance on the way people, plants and animals interact with the land. Our aim is for Ingleside to be an environmentally sustainable community.


Create a network of ecological corridors

The Structure Plan for Ingleside preserves wildlife corridors and connects areas of high biodiversity value.


Create a diverse mix of housing types to cater for a range of needs and budgets

There will be a range of different types of housing to respond to different household needs, and to respond to the local landscape including creeks and views.


This includes homes on small lots, semi-detached homes and townhouses near places of activity or public transport. There will also be options for people who want more space or a larger block of land. The methods for delivering affordable housing will form part of the formal exhibition.


We also aim to improve connections to services, facilities and open space: Most homes will be within walking distance of services, open space and community facilities, creating a connected community and providing convenience and quality of life for future residents.


Create an urban identity that respects and capitalises on the natural features of the area

40% of the precinct is identified for future development, with 30% proposed for conservation and the remaining 30% proposed to remain the same. This creates a strong opportunity for a unique urban identity to develop – centred on enjoyment of and respect for the natural environment in Ingleside.


Create a new neighbourhood centre

Our aim is to create a vibrant neighbourhood centre by locating homes close to shops and community facilities. This creates opportunities for people to live close to services and facilities they will use every day.


New community facilities will include:

  • multi-purpose community centres in both North Ingleside and South Ingleside
  • a primary school
  • local medical centre/s
  • three or four privately operated childcare centres
  • around 15.7 hectares of open space including playing fields, local walking and cycling paths and local parks distributed throughout the precinct

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Artist's impression of how Ingleside's future development will look