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The Planning Minister has determined that the urban renewal of land within The Bays Precinct is a matter of State planning significance, and agreed to investigate the area as a State Significant Precinct


The Bays Precinct represents a significant urban renewal opportunity on Sydney’s waterfront. Located two kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, The Bays Precinct comprises 5.5 km of harbourfront land, 95 hectares of largely government-owned land and 94 hectares of waterways in Sydney Harbour.  


The NSW Government’s ambition for The Bays Precinct is to drive an internationally competitive economy, by providing world-class destinations on Sydney Harbour that will transform the city, New South Wales and Australia.


UrbanGrowth NSW released their Transformation Plan: The Bays Precinct, Sydney’ (October 2015), which sets out a strategy for the transformation of The Bays Precinct. It identifies eight destinations within The Bays Precinct including:

  • White Bay Power Station 
  • Bays Market District 
  • Bays Waterfront Promenade 
  • Wentworth Park 
  • Glebe Island 
  • White Bay 
  • Rozelle Rail Yards 
  • Rozelle Bay and Bays Waterways 

Some areas are immediate priorities, while others represent longer-term opportunities.  


The short-term opportunities currently being investigated include White Bay Power Station and the Bays Market District including the first stage of the Bays Waterfront Promenade.


More information is available on The Bays Precinct website.

What happens next

UrbanGrowth NSW will prepare the required studies in accordance with the Department's requirements. Based on the findings of these studies, UrbanGrowth NSW will identify appropriate land use and development controls for the White Bay Power Station and the Bays Market District including the first stage of the Bays Waterfront Promenade. As part of this process, UrbanGrowth NSW will be consulting with the community and other stakeholders.
Once the studies and draft plans have been finalised, UrbanGrowth will submit them to the Department of Planning and Environment for assessment. 

Further information

More information on UrbanGrowth NSW’s Bays Precinct Urban Transformation Program can be found here.



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Page last updated: 05/06/2017