NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Planning as a career

What is it like to work as a planner?

Planning is vital to shaping the communities we live in

A career in planning means you can work for federal, state or local government, or pursue a career in the private sector and help shape cities and regional areas across NSW.

As a planner, you can create vibrant and liveable cities, towns and regions for residents to enjoy.

Why should you consider planning?

Planning provides you with an opportunity to work in an area of interest such as:

  • strategic, transport or social planning
  • environmental planning and sustainable development
  • urban design
  • planning law
  • assessment of development proposals
  • regional and rural planning
  • heritage conservation
  • community development.

A dynamic and ever-changing profession

Planners are professionals who are responsible for:

  • creating plans for the future of regions and local areas
  • revitalising urban areas
  • providing land for new homes, services and open space
  • assessing important projects to ensure the need for new jobs is balanced with the needs of the community and environment
  • developing policies that guide planning activity for government and local government across NSW.

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Page last updated: 01/12/2022