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Dark sky education

The dark sky education units are a face to face, one term, cross curriculum package now available for all Stage 3 and Stage 4 teachers.

During the unit students will:

  • learn of the impact of light pollution
  • understand the importance of maintaining the dark night sky, and
  • discover how to protect the night sky for the future.

The dark sky education unit is designed for delivery in a project-based learning format and is fully resourced and mapped to the NSW and Australian curriculum.

Access the education units

Note: To access education units use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

All resources relating to the educational units include: videos, worksheets, posters and assessment rubrics.

Dark sky for kids

Kids! We want the night sky to be enjoyed for years to come. That’s why we want you to learn about light pollution.

Here's what you can do to get involved:

Watch our fun video, Help Protect NSW’s dark sky [2:38], to learn more about light pollution and how you can help protect the dark sky.

Help protect NSW's dark sky

Here's what you can do to help preserve the dark sky for future generations.