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Development assessment

The process for assessing and deciding developments and how they relate to your proposal

Leveraging the potential of AI to streamline the local development application process to make it more efficient and effective.

An independent review of the department’s assessment reports for state significant projects.

The department encourages proponents to engage with the community and stakeholder groups at all stages of these projects.

Successful practices used by councils that assist in the timely determination of development applications.

Good design of buildings and developments leads to increased social, environmental and economic benefits for our towns and cities.

Each industry has particular characteristics that need specific policies and guidelines to help ensure the impacts and benefits are recognised and managed effectively.

Environmental assessment policies and guidelines contain information about how important environmental matters are addressed during development assessment.

Grant funding to help support 14 high-growth councils across the state to speed up Development Application and Planning Proposal assessments that lead to the delivery of new homes.

Some NSW areas have unique qualities that need special development assessment provisions to ensure the level of assessment addresses those characteristics properly.

An Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (IHAP), known as a Local Planning Panel is a panel of a chair, two independent expert members and a community member who assess development applications made to local councils.

An environmental assessment of the impacts of the development is needed for all types of development. The level of assessment varies according to the size, scale and location of the development.

The Preliminary Regional Issues Assessment (PRIA) is an initial assessment of social, environmental and economic matters relating to areas that could be released for coal or petroleum exploration.

Information on current and determined projects in the SSD and SSI systems can be viewed in the Major Projects Register. You can also lodge an application or comment on an application that is on exhibition.

Sydney and Regional Planning Panels were introduced to NSW in 2009 to strengthen decision making on regionally significant development applications and other planning matters.

We’ve developed ‘Your guide to the Development Application process – Small housing development’, so the pathway to building your home can be faster and easier.