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Faster Assessments program

The Faster Assessments program aims to help councils meet new housing targets in NSW.

Councils assess nearly 85% of development applications for homes in NSW and are crucial to increasing housing supply.

The program includes grants and support to help councils improve timeframes for development assessment. It also sets new benchmarks and reporting for development assessment performance.

An example of mid-rise housing at Pemberton Street, Botany NSW. Credit: James Grabowski/DPHI

We are providing $200 million of financial incentives for councils in high-growth areas that meet housing targets and assessment timeframes. This will help deliver infrastructure including roads, open spaces and community facilities.

An example of mid-rise housing at Huntley Street, Alexandria. Credit: James Grabowski/DPHI

We are setting new benchmarks for council performance on development assessment, planning proposals and strategic planning, along with a new reporting framework.

An example of low- and mid-rise housing at Wentworth Street, Randwick NSW. Credit: James Grabowski/DPHI

We have released an interactive council league table to track the time it takes councils to lodge and determine development applications.