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Local Planning Panels

In Greater Sydney, local planning panels (LPPs) determine development applications on behalf of councils where:

  • there is concern that a development assessment may be compromised – such projects usually have a capital investment of $5 million to $30 million
  • proposed projects receive a high number of complaints
  • proposed projects are sensitive; for example, they involve the demolition of heritage buildings or destruction of other community assets
  • projects have strategic importance to the state.

Video – What is an LPP?

Who can sit on an LPP?

LPPs consist of a chair and 2 independent experts appointed by a council, plus a community representative. The independent experts come from a pool of independent, qualified people who have been endorsed by a minister.

Independent experts must have qualifications in any of these fields:

  • architecture
  • economics
  • engineering
  • government and public administration.
  • heritage
  • law
  • planning
  • the environment
  • tourism
  • traffic and transport
  • urban design

How do I make a complaint about an LPP?

The best place to start for most complaints about LPPs is with your council.

The NSW Ombudsman can also deal with grievances.

The department can’t deal with complaints directly but we can direct them to an authority for response and resolution. We can also review the way your local council has handled your complaint.

Report corrupt conduct, misconduct or serious waste of resources

If you have allegations of corrupt conduct, misconduct or serious waste of resources, contact:

For more information about Local Planning Panels: