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To create connected, resilient, thriving and sustainable communities, we are planning and delivering the best possible use of NSW’s land and infrastructure. Our aim is for people in regional and metropolitan NSW to have the housing choices, jobs, connections, services, environment and open spaces they need – now and in the future.

Cahill Expressway at night heading south. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Tim Archer
Infrastructure funding

Infrastructure improves our quality of life, making our cities and regions better places to live.

Artist impression of people in shared spaces at the new Carter Street Precinct, Lidcombe NSW.
Priority growth areas and precincts

A new approach to precinct planning has been developed.

To meet the needs of a growing and changing population, 'A Metropolis of Three Cities – the Greater Sydney Region Plan' vision seeks to transform Greater Sydney into a metropolis of three cities, with great open space places, greater housing choice, shorter commutes and world class job opportunities.

The Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036 is the first Metropolitan Plan prepared outside a capital city in Australia. The plan facilitates greater collaboration between state and local government and provides the framework for the coordination of land use and infrastructure as Greater Newcastle grows over the next 20 years.

Helping Greater Sydney councils develop local housing strategies to realise their housing supply goals.

Local Environments Plans (LEPs) guide planning decisions for local government areas. They do this through zoning and development controls, which provide a framework for the way land can be used. LEPs are the main planning tool to shape the future of communities and also ensure local development is done appropriately.

Giving more people in NSW the opportunity to put a roof over their heads and own a home is a priority for the NSW Government.

Special activation precincts are a new way of planning and delivering industrial and commercial infrastructure projects in dedicated areas in region NSW, by bringing together planning and investment support services.

The following state-significant precincts are areas with state or regional planning significance because of their social, economic or environmental characteristics.

The technical assurance panel is a new way for state agencies, councils and landowners to work together to undertake strategic investigations for precincts.

A guide for creating healthy built environments in regional NSW has been prepared specifically for regional NSW.