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Nandi Reserve

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Reserve now in construction

We are working closely with the Northern Beaches Council to improve connections and access to Nandi Reserve in Frenchs Forest. The site will undergo surveying works in November, followed by onsite construction starting on 8 January 2024, with estimated completion in mid 2024. The work follows two rounds of community consultation (PDF, 1.5 MB), site studies, technical investigations and design. You can view the final concept design below.

See the Nandi Reserve planned upgrades.

About the reserve

Nandi Reserve, a 12.24 ha site in Frenchs Forest, is a unique landscape of established trees and bushland offset by soft rises and soaring rockfaces. Providing habitat for an abundance of flora and fauna, Nandi Reserve is highly valued by the local community.

With input from two rounds of community engagement, the concept design embraces the natural qualities of the site and creates a new vision for Nandi Reserve. The vision preserves and strengthens habitat through regeneration and tree planting, while providing a great space for people through a mix of quiet areas for relaxing, and active areas for nature play, walking and connecting with Country.

The site’s undulating contours and gentle waterway provided inspiration for a series of walking trails that encourage visitors of all abilities to connect and experience nature.

Through a new pedestrian entry on Frenchs Forest Road, visitors will be drawn into the reserve with raised boardwalks, exercise loops and accessible pathways. Lookouts, rest points and cultural interpretation signage will encourage further immersion.

We have incorporated our Everyone Can Play guidelines throughout the design, with inclusive nature play elements at key intersections and the pocket playground at Nandi Avenue upgraded.

Working closely with environment experts as well as local first nations leaders, the bush and creek will be regenerated in harmony with the site’s existing flora and fauna.

Scroll down to read more about the design process for the reserve or go to Parks for People for more information about the program.

Design process

Step 1

The first step was to find out what can and can’t be done on the site through due diligence studies and consultation with industry and local experts. The top priority was to create a space in which people could enjoy the natural surroundings and discover nature.

Step 2

We sought initial ideas and feedback from the community and key stakeholders to inform the development of a draft concept design for the upgrades to the reserve.

Step 3

We presented a draft concept design for community feedback and further input before developing more detailed designs for the reserve. This stage included a design board to allow people to take a closer look at the proposed key features of the reserve, and a survey to capture community priorities and values that needed to be further represented in the final plan. We also held a webinar and meetings with key stakeholders.

Step 4

We provided an opportunity for the community to take a detailed look at the final plan for the upgrades to Nandi Reserve.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the reserve located?

Nandi Reserve is adjacent to Nandi Avenue, Frenchs Forest, and stretches approximately 12.24 ha along Wakehurst Parkway.

Who was involved in the design of the reserve upgrades?

The design for the Nandi Reserve upgrade was prepared in close collaboration with the Northern Beaches Council, the local community, key stakeholders, and experts.