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Tumbalong Park Playspace

Tumbalong Park Playground is a regional destination playspace with high visitation. There is varied water play features, from jets and fountains to pumps and troughs, allowing users to choose how they want to engage with water.

As the manager of Building Services for the precinct, Alan knows the importance of maintaining water playspaces.

“Water features provide an interactive play experience for all ages. The beauty is a small child that can freely run around here in a very controlled environment in the middle of Sydney."

"There are many things to think about when you’re trying to maintain a water play area. Treated water can be high impact on surfaces so you need to consider the materials used. I’d use aluminium or stainless steel, it’s a higher cost but longer lasting. Minimising contamination is another thing to think about."

"If there’s stuff the kids can throw into the water, try and reduce it as best you can, because it will end up increasing your maintenance costs. If you’re going to put interactive equipment in, try and source locally if possible so that it is easier to get replacement parts."

"Tumbalong Park Playground can be high maintenance, but it makes it worthwhile when you see the kids having fun.”

Alan, Manager, Building and Place Services Placemaking NSW