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Local housing strategies

Councils across Greater Sydney have prepared local housing strategies that will support the delivery of new homes

The NSW Government is working closely with all councils in Greater Sydney to help them reach their housing supply targets and meet the needs of their growing and changing communities.

All councils have prepared local housing strategies to support the delivery of new homes in the right locations.

These strategies identify ways of delivering the right amount and types of housing in line with infrastructure, access to services and open space.

The strategies use a place-based planning approach to help provide great places to live. They aim to provide walkable neighbourhoods that support active and healthy lifestyles, as well as create and renew great spaces.

The strategies enable councils to align their local vision with the NSW Government’s plans for regions, namely the Greater Sydney region plan and district plans.


We work closely with councils to provide the resources needed for local housing strategies by:

  • supporting them to manage strategic planning outcomes
  • helping them troubleshoot planning issues and identify priority projects
  • developing a more streamlined, transparent framework for future local housing strategies.

The aim is greater clarity in local housing strategy-making processes. This will enable the NSW Government to better respond to issues raised by councils and agencies and identify opportunities to contribute to the housing pipeline.

Councils will implement local housing strategies by updating their local environment plans.

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